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Buying a Home

Most people think finding the home of their dreams just sort of happens…

Like they’ll “know it when they see it,” or it’ll be love at first site. Sometimes that happens. But a lot of times, homebuyers miss out on great homes because they make some really common mistakes.

Finding and actually getting the best house for your wants and needs (let alone at the best possible price!) isn’t as simple as just being in the market, finding it, putting it in a shopping cart, and heading to the checkout.

There’s quite a bit to the process.

My buyer’s guide will demystify the process and give you a no-fluff, in-between-the-lines look at things most buyers either simply ignore, or don’t realize.

Ultimate home buyer's guide

Selling a Home

This guide was originally written for people who’ve actually already hired me to market their home and advise them.

But, since it’s been so helpful to my clients, I've decided to make it available to you too, even before you hire me...or any other agent.

Too many homeowners begin the process with so much hope and excitement, but not a clear picture of some of the most common issues that arise. These issues shouldn’t be a big deal at all, but they creep up and cause stress and frustration, which leads to poor decisions that can cost you in many ways.

My guide will give you a clear picture of the whole process, and some behind-the-curtain insider insights most people never even think about, before you even put your house on the market. (It’s even helpful to people who’ve sold a house before!)

So, if you want to sell your house for the highest possible price, as quickly and easily as possible, this guide is a must read. And, I am glad to share it with you!.

Ultimate Seller's Guide

For Sale By Owner

Since I am a real estate agent, you might be wondering why I am so willing to “spill the beans” and actually help you sell your home on your own. (More on that in a bit.)

In this free guide I will give you a quick crash course on how to sell your own home without the help of a real estate agent. (Well, besides the help of me and my free guide!)

It'll give you a clear picture of the whole process, including some "insider insights" most people never even think about.

Guide to selling your home on your own

Other Guides Available

We also have guides for the following:

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  • Beware Of The Pitfalls Of Attending Open Houses
  • Your House Didn't Sell . . . So Now What?

If you are interested in any of these just let us know below.

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